Shac gets political

SHAC: vote for the candidate w/ a blog
BRIAN: yeesh
SHAC: raised in oakland?
BRIAN: who, that guy?
SHAC: girl
SHAC: i bet she went to Moreau
BRIAN: I don’t see no pictures
BRIAN: ahh there we are
BRIAN: pretty cute
BRIAN: her “open letter” is pretty good
SHAC: wow she actually went to public school…
SHAC: tho its the best public school in oakland
BRIAN: OakTown! gotta represent!
BRIAN: get her on TV
SHAC: from the schools she went to..
SHAC: she lived in the more upper-middle class area of oakland
BRIAN: Disney Channel
SHAC: if not the upper class
BRIAN: she IS very idealistic
BRIAN: and very clean

Moment of Zen #3

SHAC: umm… whats going on in
this banner?
BRIAN: what the fuck is that a picture of
BRIAN: is he strangling her?
BRIAN: I used to be on sixdegrees
SHAC: my interpretation…
SHAC: make crop circles…
SHAC: strangle each other..
SHAC: be buried together w/ green finger nails
BRIAN: Yeh why the hell not


Mochi mochi mochi. Recently I got the two big mochi recipe books: Hawaii’s Best Mochi Recipies and Unbearably Good! Mochi Lovers’ Cookbook. But so far I haven’t found any savory dishes listed which use mochi, only different ways to make dessert mochi.

Mochi melts like cheese, but since it is only rice and water, there is no fat. The rice mochi is made from is soft and sweeter than normal white rice. I had it when my friends Kazue and Kaori treated me and Aaron to okonomiyaki in Tokyo. We also had an appetizer at a nicer restaurant which were kind of like taquitos, but with more Japanese ingredients and mochi instead of cheese. I don’t know what it was called or how it was made. Yet.

While surfing I stumbled onto Kudzu Mochi. Insane! Apparently you can make a unrefined “black sugar” from “kudzu,” a plant which people in the South have grown to love due to its use as a ground cover in the 1930’s ( the vine is even more horrible than ivy and can destroy buildings). But you CAN’T BUY this black sugar due to intense sugar industry lobbying. Bizarre.

Won’t You Please Free The Software?

I just heard RMS singing. Richard Stallman, the guy who runs the Free Software Foundation. I thought it was a joke, why would he write a song called “Free the Software”? It was just insane. Plus the name of the file was “why cooperation with RMS is impossible.” Got to be a joke.

But then I remembered hearing it in person once… and then I realised I had SUPPRESSED the memory. The horror of it had scarred my brain.

So I’m asking all of you, whether you have experienced this trauma, or aided a friend who has, or maybe just heard about it, to dig a little deeper and give to my
“For The Love Of All Things Holy Make RMS Stop Fucking Singing The Free The Software Song Goddamn It Fund” (or “the FTLOATHMRMSSFSTFTSSGI Fund” for short ).
Operators are standing by.