Elite is not bad

I’ve noticed a frightening trend recently: the word “Elite” is becoming a loaded word. The problem is many people these days confuse being good at what one does, or even just being competent, as being “elitist.”

Picture a very stupid, self-righteous person demanding “You think you’re better than me!?” There is a culture of laziness and willful stupidity creeping across America.

Many who voted for disgraced President George W Bush did so because he “seemed like a regular guy.” Because they were averse to being led by someone who thought he was better than them. In my opinion this is not a good policy! I want someone smart to be in charge.

  • it is not okay to not bother trying your best.
  • It is not okay to be foolish and expect others to respect you.
  • It is, in a very real way, un-American.

This country was founded on idealism and enterprise. It’s sad to so many turn away from that.