Deja Vu: Oct 10, 2011

Once several years ago when I was working at a startup with my friend Tim, and I told him I dreamed something about reading about a sports team and some online music – I think this was the moment just now and I was seeing the future again.

These are the two things I was just reading when this occurred to me:

Note: in my original feeling, it had something to do with pineapple or another fruit, or edible thing, which had music in it. I believe now that this was a reference to the Flaming Lips “gummy skull” USB art object.

Columbus Day

Saturday we had our annual Columbus Day party, and Diane made a huge amount of food over the previous week, including six kinds of Parisian macarons, two lasagnas (including a sweet pumpkin lasagna) five different kinds of hand-made pizzas!

Sunday we finally made it into the San Francisco Columbus Day parade in North Beach, after years of being too exhausted of getting to it. It was pretty cool, the streets were packed and the parade lasted several hours. We saw some local prominent SF families there – I think I saw the Aliotos reserve an entire table at a restaurant on the street. Pretty cool!