Todd Akin vs the Doge of San Francisco

A SurveyUSA poll released Tuesday showed 54 percent of Missouri voters, including a majority of men and women, want Akin to drop out of the race. Some 76 percent say they do not share his views on rape and pregnancy.

MIKE: i want to see the female split on that
ARMY_MATT: the more startling number there is the inverse
ARMY_MATT: 24% do share his view (or at least don’t object to his view)
MLEE: Correct
ARMY_MATT: I’m ever worried of the ‘democracy’ becoming mob rule, and that number is scary.
BRAIN: so vote against General Jackson!

BRAIN: I think witches cause all sickness
BRAIN: that’s why I’m running on an anti-witch platform
BRAIN: it’s time we stopped witches and what they are doing to our children

WRITER_MATT: Missouri sucks. I moved as far away as I could, twice!
MLEE: I mean, to be completely fair, his statement is based on “facts” that have actually been around for a few decades and are backed by certain doctors.
WRITER_MATT: That’s being significantly more than fair.
WRITER_MATT: Being fair is calling him stupid instead of evil.
BRAIN: hmm

ARMY_MATT: my vote is that if that guy gets elected, we kick missouri and a swath of the southern states below it out of the union.
ARMY_MATT: give texas, new mexico, and arizona back to mexico, with a nicely worded “our bad” and reflect on our lessons learned.
BRAIN: henry clay will come to haunt you
ARMY_MATT: i’m sure he’ll have to find his way out of hell

JYU: If we give Alaska back to Russia, Palin will turn out to have been factually accurate about seeing Russia, too!
BRAIN: “I can see Russia from my house which is in Russia”

BRAIN: matt is running on the Atzlan ticket
ARMY_MATT: ha ha, no i’m more of the we should divide the CONUS into 5-7 mutual defense nation states.

BRAIN: the League of American Nations!
BRAIN: I’m in favor of anything that lets us be the Californian Free Trade Cantons
BRAIN: San Francisco can have a Doge

WRITER_MATT: I think I played a Civ IV mod like that.

Marketing .inator

SHAC: the boys are watching Phineas & Ferb on DVD in the AT while I drive
SHAC: and all I can do is try to figure out how Candice could do a better job at busting them.
SHAC: I want to send her a letter with advice.
BRAIN: I usually spend the entire episode figuring out how to monetize Doofenshmirtz’ invention
BRAIN: like I’m his marketing department
SHAC: It’s clear Step 1 is to change the naming scheme to avoid “-inator”
BRAIN: Agreed
BRAIN: Besides, we don’t own “”
SHAC: which is clearly Latin for “will backfire horribly”
BRAIN: maybe a TLD of “.inator”
SHAC: you can register that now
BRAIN: yeah, with the money from one of the -inators!

More bad behavior in Iceland

BRAIN: hey dude, look at this building, which is the prime minister’s house apparently
BRAIN: now look at it on a map
BRAIN: is that right next to the restaurant we ate at
BRAIN: where we got a seating at 7pm but “we had to be out by 9pm” or something insane?
BRAIN: Like we didn’t have a reservation,
BRAIN: so they said sorry, we can’t serve you,
BRAIN: but the place was empty…
BRAIN: so they said okay you can eat here but you have to only take 2 hours to eat?

KIRBY: Yea I think so.
KIRBY: What makes this extra funny
KIRBY: is that the PM’s house is about a block away from where we got pulled over by the cops