Marketing .inator

SHAC: the boys are watching Phineas & Ferb on DVD in the AT while I drive
SHAC: and all I can do is try to figure out how Candice could do a better job at busting them.
SHAC: I want to send her a letter with advice.
BRAIN: I usually spend the entire episode figuring out how to monetize Doofenshmirtz’ invention
BRAIN: like I’m his marketing department
SHAC: It’s clear Step 1 is to change the naming scheme to avoid “-inator”
BRAIN: Agreed
BRAIN: Besides, we don’t own “”
SHAC: which is clearly Latin for “will backfire horribly”
BRAIN: maybe a TLD of “.inator”
SHAC: you can register that now
BRAIN: yeah, with the money from one of the -inators!