Cigarro & Cerveja

Cigarro is a cranky chain-smoking girl rabbit who looks like a guy. Cerveja is her quirky nice-guy goose friend. Together they form a comic duo that could almost be representative of duelling philosophies, or even the unconscious mind.

Actually, skip all that; it’s a funny comic.

I bought the first collection at APE.
Web link of note: Cigarro & Cerveja

Kate Bush and Duran Duran

I remember the video for “Come Undone” (Duran Duran song) with Kate Bush singing in her ridiculously high voice, thrashing around underwater… My friends and I used to sing her parts along with samples from techno from the early 1990s, driving around late at night, back when Live 105 had more than 10 songs in its playlist.

Except the other day when vaguely recollecting this I got shouted down by some Duran Duran enthusiasts, who told me it was a guy doing the vocals. The woman in the ocean was an actress? No Kate Bush at all. Sure enough they showed me the CD and her name is nowhere on it.

Well wait, was she or wasn’t she? My friends remember her being in that song too. Are we all making this up? Dammit.

Collective memory is all we have left… especially with all the historical revisionism happening these days.

The Holocaust. Rush Limbaugh’s war on drugs. Why we attacked Iraq. And now Kate Bush. What’s next, I ask you.