Sanjay and Craig, Nubians, and the poop burger conspiracy

BRAIN: this guy talked himself into a corner and got his talk cancelled for it

“It definitely still matters. Sanjay and Craig: Yes, the main character is Indian and it would still be a good show if he were white. But this provides something to relate to; if an Indian kid is watching and sees himself on screen, that’s great.

That’s true, that’s fine, but why can’t he relate to a white guy too? I was talking with the guy who wrote for DC, and he made a really good point: Why does someone who’s making something about a black person need to be black?”

BRAIN: his argument was he didn’t like Sanjay being Indian “for no reason”
D: blinders in action
BRAIN: incidentally Sanjay is half Indian
D: indeed

D: that’s I think the thing people don’t easily get: It matters seeing someone like you
D: there was a study from Google that suggested one of the main reasons women went into tech (and stayed there) is because they had early exposure to a female tech mentor
D: and thus awareness of how they could fit into the tech universe
D: it is both an obvious and subtle thing

BRAIN: Pat Morita still pisses me off
BRAIN: uncle tom motherfucker
BRAIN: yet I am not angry about Mako

D: i assume you’ve seen chasing amy. at least the intro
BRAIN: I still haven’t
BRAIN: After I got burned by Mallrats I have a cautious attitude towards Kevin Smith

BRAIN: awesome, a Nation of Islam superhero
BRAIN: Lando was pretty pimp though
D: he’s getting his own comic book arc, I hear
BRAIN: we basically elected him mayor of SF

BRAIN: my friend comes from a long line of Black Panther conspiracy theorists and told me at length about how white scientists are plotting to make hamburgers out of poop
BRAIN: and it turns out of course she was wrong
BRAIN: they were Japanese scientists
D: i was about to say