Mini Me Sex Tape

OJ: Mini-me sex tape
OJ: i’m not going to look
BRAIN: checking
OJ: you may care, but i do not need to view this video
BRAIN: it’s work safe
OJ: sort like eelgirl or tubgirl or goatse, it’s something you can’t unwatch
BRAIN: just icky
BRAIN: he has no shirt on, he’s tongue-kissing some woman
BRAIN: that’s it
OJ: ok i still wont watch
OJ: thanx for exposing your brain to it tho
BRAIN: no worries
BRAIN: it’s far too late for me
OJ: lol

Normal Problems

SAMIR: i’m finding it harder and harder to relate to “normal” problems.
BRAIN: now you begin to see
SAMIR: what do you do when someone complains that coffee is too far from their house?
SAMIR: I want to say “kill yourself” but I think that will alienate them too much
BRAIN: and that would do what
SAMIR: they wouldn’t complain to me. and the coffee problem would be less important
BRAIN: this doesn’t sound so bad
BRAIN: maybe they’d go have their non-problem somewhere else
BRAIN: you could be like jesse jackson and just tell them

COFFEE GUY: Coffee is too far from my house!
JESSE JACKSON: Every six seconds an American child dies from starvation

SAMIR: wow… yes. And I spend like hours a day cultivating information on suffering and despair!
BRAIN: now lose like 50 pounds and you’ll be danh
SAMIR: we have a strategy! if the problem is meaningless,
SAMIR: i’ll bring up bleak things until they shut up or change the topic
BRAIN: every 20 seconds another child is diagnosed with autism

Using UStream to broadcast videos on OS X

UStream is pretty awesome, the “youtube of streaming video.”

Most of the streams are just cute girls sitting in front of their computers chatting with their viewers. This doesn’t help me so much. I want to broadcast my movies and concerts I’ve recorded!

So, I pieced together what one needs to do, to broadcast pre-recorded video on the Mac (I’m on OS X, “Leopard”).

  • start Quicktime and load up your video
  • move the your video to a corner of your desktop, preferably not near your dock nor the menu bar
    • install and use CamTwist to capture a part of your desktop

    • some people use CamTwist to put effects into their webcam signal
    • use the “desktop” selector and make a box around your Quicktime movie
    • use the Preview function to line it up correctly
  • install SoundFlower
    • open your System Preferences and select the Sound panel
    • you should see SoundFlower there listed as a speaker selection. Pick that!
  • NOW start ustream and start a broadcast
    • select CamTwist as your video source
    • select SoundFlower as your audio source

Now be careful, because all sound generated by your computer (for example the “you’ve got mail!” sound) will be in the stream! I shut down all my applications that make noise while I’m broadcasting.

When I’m broadcasting, I am at

How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight?

So you know there’s that thing “how many 5 year olds could you take in a fight?”

People always estimate something ridiculously large, usually because they haven’t ever been babysitting or taught kindergarten. “I could take thirty 5-year-olds!” Stupid.

Then I start baiting them, piling on crazy limitations, like “what if I get to train them ahead of time?” and “do I get to pick the 5 year olds?”

So I’ll bid you down to… four.

Here’s my four entries.


BRAIN: *reading TOS doc* No SPAM, no SPIM… what the hell is SPIM?
JOSH: I had to look that one up too. The lawyers said it’s spam over IM
BRAIN: that’s lame
JOSH: meh
BRAIN: what’s spam over SMS then, SPSMS? (“spissimiss”)

Maybe a better question is, why is SPAM all in caps?
Is there a backronym or something?

Vote for our Watchmen Commercial

Diane and Brian made a short commercial for a contest for “The Watchmen,” a movie based on the bestselling comic book by Alan Moore. The movie in question will be released in 2009, and the winning entry will appear in the background of the movie!

The catch: the entry has to be voted in. So we’re counting on our friends and fans to help make this a reality!

To watch and vote for our movie,

  • go to
  • click on “Vote” in the purple area
  • in the “Search for the video” box type “briandoom” (or click on “next video” until you see it)
  • the name of the video is “Nostalgia by Veidt (30s ver…”
  • When you see our video, click the little “thumbs up” sign

Thanks for your support!

Mattes The Templetons

I’m down to about 10 rendering errors on The Templetons; soon I’ll be done and then I can start sound mastering.

I’m meeting Jeromey on Saturday to do the final sound mix. I have about a day to scare up sound effects!

I’ve seen so many “travelling matte” settings it feels like Fraggle Rock. I never got that joke as a kid, which I guess is not too surprising. Uncle Travelling Matt.

gah it’s midnight!

Pink is not the answer

No I don’t know what you mean.

Your allusion is ambiguous: are you saying your endurance is unnaturally high right now, and thus likely on methamphetamines, or are you saying you could have sex for an unnaturally long time, and thus likely on esctasy?

Or perhaps you are saying the more generally-assumed “I could have a lot of sex” as a general case, making a clumsy double entendre as a sort of a come-on.

I got lotsa style with my gold diamond rings
I can go for miles if you know what I mean

So no, I guess I don’t Know What You Mean. All your songs are kind of smug in a childish way; it seems like your audience are little skater boyz. At least you aren’t pretending to be black anymore.

In other news “Feed the world” and “Eat the rich” seem very similar right now. Lyrics and song concepts both.

…feel kinda groggy oooooohmahghad it’s 4:30.