we are naming my car.

I think I’m sticking with “Jelly”

as in “you so”

I actually misheard that suggestion because initially T said “Joey”

which we thought was about Wombat babies

but actually she meant “Bowie”

which she said was after the boy from Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and not David Bowie

How does one choose a title for a script?

I think of a phrase that is

  • easy to remember (no weird words, not the name of a character)
  • not used by a famous movie already
  • unique enough so that a google search on the title will find my movie immediately
  • easy to include in a spoken line in the piece
  • evocative of the piece, so when someone has seen it, they can easily remember seeing it given the title

There are some exceptions, for example my intentionally-opaque short “INTERKOZMOSZ ALIEN AUTOPSY”

Goin to the Baby Shower

BRAIN: What baby thing do I get you
BRAIN: Is it a boy or girl or secret?
BRAIN: How about toothpicks? Babies love toothpicks
SHAC: we don’t know and won’t until it’s born
BRAIN: toothpicks it is

SHAC: I think confederate flag toothpicks
BRAIN: very topical
BRAIN: I also would have accepted something flooding related

Mind twins

J1: I’m distressed by something slightly less important
BROLDMAN: does it involve cats
J1: no
J1: It involves the lyrics to Bust A Move

BROLDMAN: are you wondering why you’re the best man in the wedding of your best friend’s cousin?
J1: Yes!
BROLDMAN: It makes no sense
J1: Well, brother

J1: Also
J1: why are you invited with only five days notice
J1: I’m so happy you knew exactly what my issue was

Taco copter but for booze

B: you know the deals get cut more from the walking around with alcohol than the actual golf
Y: yeah that’s why I … oh uh wait I’m not sure I can tell you…
B: …?
Y: you know what, fuck it, I’m never doing this start-up, I was thinking like a drone that delivers your alcohol on the course
B: like taco copter for booze
Y: yes

Y: the drones would give you feedback on your swing
B: how about the drones give you negative feedback. like electric shocks, operant conditioning
Y: Tiger Woods needed that for his DUI
B: maybe his coach could have bought him that for christmas
Y: Zzzt!
B: Tiger no!

Reverse mirror golf

Y: there aren’t any more left handed golf players, so I’m running out of people to watch
B: oh you only watch left handed golf?
Y: yes, I’m trying to learn to play golf so I can cut the big deals
B: you can’t watch right handers play?
Y: right, because I’m left handed
B: and you ware trying to emulate what you are watching
Y: Exactly
B: you could watch golf in a mirror
Y: oh, I don’t need to do that, I can just reverse the video in software