Rommel’s ukelele and James Brown and enka

BRAIN: you Rommel
BRAIN: are a complete badass
BRAIN: ok that is all
SHAC: what did rommel do?
BRAIN: he made a working ukelele out of garbage and played it on youtube

SHAC: oh
SHAC: anybody cuda done it
BRAIN: watch the end, it’s pretty impressive
BRAIN: he also says the dowel comes from “a swedish furniture store” but I have no idea what store that could be

SHAC: in fact, it’s harder to NOT do it
BRAIN: dude I’m trying my darndest to not do it right now
SHAC: don’t worry, you’ll fail
SHAC: and end up doing it
BRAIN: I might! It was pretty badass!

SHAC: and i’ll laugh
SHAC: poooooop
BRAIN: my daughter was buggin’ out to james brown most of tonight while I edited
SHAC: poop is a funny word. at least to a 7yo
BRAIN: butts
SHAC: that was her just emulating him
BRAIN: she’s got the hip sway, I was impressed

SHAC: that tv interview he did is amazing

SHAC: that might be it
SHAC: i mean by the description that might be it

BRAIN: this is what we’re watching now
BRAIN: give it to at least 1:30