call the NRA

BRAIN: retarded
BRAIN: “ok poop coming out now
BRAIN: ustream!?
BRAIN: also, who doesn’t lock their door in SF?!
SHAC: are you supposed to?
BRAIN: what is your address again?

M FOSTER:the world is a sad
M FOSTER:  sad place
M FOSTER: Best part is where he talks about being out of TP
BRAIN: can you imagine not locking your door in SF?
M FOSTER: yeah no joke

M FOSTER: and then not calling the police in this situation….I was really hoping the last tweet would be something like.   “OMG he’s kicking down the door to my bedroom. The door just broke. He’s got a chainsaw. He’s sawing off my leg. It hurts so bad. Is that my torso? Oh noes! Don’t cut off my torso.

BRAIN: “ok – I’m bleeding all over the place.  I wonder if I should call an ambulance?”