Guinness milkshake

I made a single-serving Guinness milkshake.

The recipe is pretty lazy:

  • 1 pint of ice cream – I used Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream
  • 1/2 can Guinness – I used the can with the nitrogen widget
  • let the ice cream sit for 5 minutes until the outside melts – it will be easier to scoop and will blend better
  • dump the entire pint of ice cream into a blender
  • open the can of Guinness and pour half of it into the blender
  • blend until roughly uniform
  • pour shake into a glass
  • drink the shake
  • drink the rest of the Guinness


I’m really into this XCOM trailer. I know this rebooted game is nothing like the original X-COM, but since I never played it this isn’t such a big deal for me.

It’s the 1950s, and the entire world is going insane – there’s a housewife who has been possessed by the staticky tar aliens, there’s a dude getting his insides eaten out as he screams through the bubbling tar, and best of all, there’s this flying obelisk gong thing, apparently an extradimensional alien tank equivalent, which looks like Leviathan from Hellraiser.

Scheduling conference rooms

Jeffrey has pointed out to me that the meeting I scheduled for Monday the 9th was actually scheduled after that, on Friday the 13th. I guess that is why no one showed up, in the past before I did the scheduling.

So, I’ve rescheduled the meeting for this afternoon, at 1pm in the Santorini conference room. Note I did the rescheduling for this in the past, on Friday in response to Jeffrey’s comment today. So there’s still some chronological bugs to work out in the system.

However the meeting is scheduled for a time in the future, both in the future at the time of scheduling as well as the future for me writing this email. Therefore I feel the important parts of the process are working.