48 Hour Film Project: We started at 7pm on Friday and worked until 7pm Sunday. But actually we had been preparing for it for a several weeks previously, getting actors, lining up gear… and since it started on a weekday, I had already put in a full day at work.

So really the marathon for me started Friday morning. When we turned in our thing on Sunday, suddenly I felt myself relaxing- it was a euphoric feeling, like finishing the last final in the semester when I was in college.

I realised that the only thing keeping me awake was stress, and the last time I felt free of a total panic was Thursday night. I also remembered on Thursday night trying to sleep extra hard, because I didn’t expect to get any rest until Sunday night.

And it worked out. Again, as in school, I felt fine after about 3 or 4 hours of sleep. And, just as in school, the second I was done I started to get sick.

So, to recap, my jedi training from Cal served me well.

Now that it’s done, I can spend more time getting a quality product out, and then comes the really fun part- promotion. That’s when you get to mention your project to everyone even vaguely related to film, and self-aggrandise as much as possible. Hey, they would do it to you! I’m going to try to get this thing played just about everywhere.

The best thing about this kind of project is that since we spent almost no money on it, we don’t have to worry about trying to get money back on it- we can show it for free, we can bundle it with other stuff, the list is endless. Fun stuff.

Totally drained

Halloween. My brother is throwing some big party. He and his roomates and I are dressing up as different incarnations of Johnny Depp and awarding prizes. The guy going as Edward Scissorhands has real scissors on his hands; I hope he doesn’t accidentally kill someone. I’m going as Dead Man, which given my state of health may be appropriate.

I have a busy weekend coming up, just like the last 5 weekends. I feel like I’m getting sick. I still haven’t recovered on sleep from our insane filming schedule last weekend.

In the good news department, the remastering of our movie is coming along very well. And I talked to a friend the other day about grabbing a really slick local band and doing a video for them… that would be awesome. I’d have to deploy the flying monkeys to find music video girls though, vs “actors” which is what we have now. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe we could shoot in the Lorenzo; I think the Save the Lorenzo Foundation would be really into it.

I am about to fall over. Need sleep…