Totally drained

Halloween. My brother is throwing some big party. He and his roomates and I are dressing up as different incarnations of Johnny Depp and awarding prizes. The guy going as Edward Scissorhands has real scissors on his hands; I hope he doesn’t accidentally kill someone. I’m going as Dead Man, which given my state of health may be appropriate.

I have a busy weekend coming up, just like the last 5 weekends. I feel like I’m getting sick. I still haven’t recovered on sleep from our insane filming schedule last weekend.

In the good news department, the remastering of our movie is coming along very well. And I talked to a friend the other day about grabbing a really slick local band and doing a video for them… that would be awesome. I’d have to deploy the flying monkeys to find music video girls though, vs “actors” which is what we have now. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe we could shoot in the Lorenzo; I think the Save the Lorenzo Foundation would be really into it.

I am about to fall over. Need sleep…

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