Mind twins

J1: I’m distressed by something slightly less important
BROLDMAN: does it involve cats
J1: no
J1: It involves the lyrics to Bust A Move

BROLDMAN: are you wondering why you’re the best man in the wedding of your best friend’s cousin?
J1: Yes!
BROLDMAN: It makes no sense
J1: Well, brother

J1: Also
J1: why are you invited with only five days notice
J1: I’m so happy you knew exactly what my issue was

Taco copter but for booze

B: you know the deals get cut more from the walking around with alcohol than the actual golf
Y: yeah that’s why I … oh uh wait I’m not sure I can tell you…
B: …?
Y: you know what, fuck it, I’m never doing this start-up, I was thinking like a drone that delivers your alcohol on the course
B: like taco copter for booze
Y: yes

Y: the drones would give you feedback on your swing
B: how about the drones give you negative feedback. like electric shocks, operant conditioning
Y: Tiger Woods needed that for his DUI
B: maybe his coach could have bought him that for christmas
Y: Zzzt!
B: Tiger no!

Reverse mirror golf

Y: there aren’t any more left handed golf players, so I’m running out of people to watch
B: oh you only watch left handed golf?
Y: yes, I’m trying to learn to play golf so I can cut the big deals
B: you can’t watch right handers play?
Y: right, because I’m left handed
B: and you ware trying to emulate what you are watching
Y: Exactly
B: you could watch golf in a mirror
Y: oh, I don’t need to do that, I can just reverse the video in software