SOMA oxygen

BROLDMAN: wtf is an air bar
BRAIN: oxygen bar
BROLDMAN: you pay to breathe?
BRAIN: you pay to breath flavored oxygen
BROLDMAN: what a beautiful and charming future we live in
BRAIN: yeah seriously!

BROLDMAN: what’s it flavored like?
BRAIN: whatever you pay for!

BRAIN: every dystopian trope from 1950s scifi is a real thing now
BROLDMAN: and like 1/3 of the dystopian innovations come from a neighborhood that’s literally called “soma”
BRAIN: the coincidence is striking
DREAMKILLER: I’m not ruling out the possibility that Aldous Huxley was psychic

BROLDMAN: I remember when I read that book thinking the world seemed pretty fun actually
BRAIN: me too
BRAIN: Bernard is sort of a dick
BROLDMAN: and I’m not an expert on utilitarian philosophy but it seems like that society follows the principles pretty well
BROLDMAN: like, let’s get high, why not
BRAIN: It seemed like life sucks if you are a repressed British guy
BRAIN: but if you are an American raver chick, it’s pretty great!