Overly Angry

JK: have you encountered overly angry tpms yet
BRAIN: overly angry how?
JK: runs over freaking out
BRAIN: “be cool dude”
JK: over something that was already discussed
JK: so I was like, yeah I’m the cause of your frustration however, this was a miscomm and I already discussed it with your team
JK: the qe was like… yeah..
JK: i told him its all cool it was miscomm and he still freaked out
BRAIN: tell the TPM his parents were just killed in a firery car crash and you are so so sorry

JK: geez you are dark
BRAIN: no!
BRAIN: see then when he says “huh?!” you keep on it
BRAIN: until he’s a little convinced
BRAIN: then you say
BRAIN: “no, I’m just kidding. I’m sure they are safe. Don’t you feel great?!”
BRAIN: then beam your sunniest smile!!
BRAIN: “now what was that problem you had?”
JK: oh geez you are awful
BRAIN: it will be instructive for everyone
BRAIN: although if it’s particularly effective
BRAIN: the TPM may realize the futility of everything we are doing
BRAIN: quit
BRAIN: and join the Peace Corps or something
BRAIN: that could happen

BRAIN: ok how about this
BRAIN: the TPM comes over
JK: lol
BRAIN: TPM: rage rage rage!
JK: so much rage
BRAIN: you put your finger to your lips: “sssshhhhh.”
BRAIN: “this is not about these tests, is it? Be honest.”
BRAIN: “this is about something else. It’s okay. Let it go.”
JK: let it goooooooo
BRAIN: yes you could start singing!
BRAIN: that is a great direction

Valet on demand and artificial sweeteners

  • We’ve established there are three competing valet-on-demand services
  • the valet-on-demand services are distinguished by color
  • the colors used are light blue, pink, yellow
  • there are three major kinds of artificial sweeteners carried by diners (like Denny’s)
  • the artificial sweeteners are distinguished by color
  • the colors used are light blue, pink, yellow
  • Luxe – light blue – aspartame
  • Carbon – pink – saccharine
  • Zirx – yellow – sucralose