Immortal Technique

This album rules. It’s radical hip-hop that sounds good and carries a lot of information. It’s like gangsta rap with all the news you aren’t getting from your mom’s TV network. I’m buying copies and giving them away to friends!



I just heard a fascinating talk by Catherine Austin Fitts, about how large companies have giant contracts in the very federal institutions that are investigating their criminal behavior! Perhaps not so surprisingly, their malfeasance goes unpunished and for the most part undetected.

Example: 56 billion dollars is “missing” from Iraq. How do you suppose it “went missing?” I think we have a pretty good idea. But why isn’t the government on this? 56 billion buys a lot of debt… or say Iraq War expenses.

So, instead of just screaming and yelling (which no doubt the citizens/taxpayers are entitled to do!) Catherine Austin Fitts and others have set up Solari.

Of all the initiatives, I like the July 4th Kick Off of the Solari Circles Campaign, in which everyone simply changes banks- from the large multinationals (Bank of America, Citibank) to locally-run banks, like a credit union.
Web link of note: Solari

Virtual Bellhop

  1. Call 1-877-BELLHOP (235-5467) to order your Virtual Bellhop service
  2. VirtualBellhop then prepares a quote, either one-way, multiple destinations or round-trip
  3. Items to be transported are picked up at the traveler’s residence, business or other agreed upon point and flown as airfreight, separate from the airplane the traveler uses. The baggage is then sent by ground courier directly to the hotel or other designated location, and precedes the arriving guest.

Web link of note: Virtual Bellhop


JWhich is a simple tool that unambiguously identifies which Java class in your classpath will be loaded. Depending on the complexity of your classpath, it’s not always clear which class will be loaded first by the Java class loader. JWhich displays the absolute pathname of the class file loaded first by the Java class loader.

Web link of note: JWhich

Poor Boo Boo

DAVID: another example of poor judgment by gw bush:
when he owned the texas rangers, he traded sammy sosa

SHAC: he also was the only owner to vote against the wild-card playoff system

ERIC: The sad news is, that if Kerry used this in the debates, it would probably be effective.

BRAIN: so the question is: why doesn’t he?


Kerry: Bush illegally invaded Iraq, is bankrupting the country, making the USA
the most hated country in the world, dismantling social security, subsidizing
big business, exporting jobs, exposing CIA operatives, etc.

Electorate: Zzzzzzzzzz

Kerry: He traded Sammy Sosa away!

Electorate: OH MY GOD!

AARON: omg harvey birdman just had a night of gay lovin with boo boo bear

Life Eaters

An incredible graphic novel about how the Nazis won World War Two – by allying with ancient Norse gods, who turn the Earth into a giant death factory.

It has the kind of dramatic epic action that we expect from modern comics, but also has a lot of philosophical themes, such as the nature of faith.

(By David Brin)