Nerstone Pictures

Has content from the Davis RobotMedia microcinema festival.

Apparently Joe Conte started the Davis node after seeing Anthony’s jerk-off movie “Masturbation Fantasy.” He is a graduated sociology major; his girlfriend, a film studies major, now runs the Davis node. (is this Kristi Uribes ?)

There is little or no communication between nodes. Conte believes there are archived shorts in the keeping of the Berkeley node organizers. The shorts are not shown at multiple venues.

Initially Conte was intrigued with the notion of many nodes in many cities, and therefore chose to join and extend the RobotMedia brand. He seems fairly disillusioned with the whole experience now however. He was a workhorse in two 48 Hour Film Project endeavors, one in San Francisco and one in Portland, both in the capacity of PA, which he felt was an underutilization of his skills. He seems unwilling to start new productions any time soon.

The founder of the Berkeley node and thus the entire RobotMedia brand is Ron Eyal, who graduated and passed control on to Ryan Landes, who also recently graduated.

A friend of Conte’s, James Mah , is working on a 13 episode series of… something.

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