Clippy is Everywhere

I was using a friend’s copy of Microsoft Word on his G5 running OS X… and there is a little Office Assistant or Avatar or whatever they call it. On the Mac. There is no escape.

At least it wasn’t clippy- it was a little Mac SE with feet. Much like, say, the Banana 4000 character from Bloom County. Maybe Berkeley Breathed got some money off of that. Or maybe he should sue Microsoft. Like everyone else has.


CocoaBooklet lets you create a booklet out of a PDF file.

A booklet is book that is bound in the middle. Which means that a booklet has four pages printed on one sheet of paper (two on each sides).

Web link of note: CocoaBooklet

Disturbing Auctions

This site is dedicated to the research and study of the most bizarre items found for sale on internet auction sites. Not the obviously fake auctions, like the infamous human kidney, but truly tacky stuff that people really, honestly, believed that someone would (and in some cases did) buy.

Web link of note: Disturbing Auctions