Toast! fwies.

Toast! Ba da-da da da da da-”
“Toes! Dadadda”
“Toast! Ba da-da da da da da-”
“That’s right, it’s toast!”
“we’re not having fries for breakfast. We’re eating toast.”
“nope. Toast.”

First Edition on Smothers Brothers

I just saw First Edition performing on the Smothers Brothers in the late 1960s.

It’s weird not only because they perform like aliens with an imperfect command of human behavior (“MY THREADS ARE GROOVY ARE THEY NOT EARTHM… I MEAN BROTHER. YES GROOVY.”), but also since I grew up in the 1980s, I really only know Kenny Rodgers as a country singer or the guy from a bunch of commercials.

But in the clip – look at this weird constipated look Kenny has… and he’s not the only one. The lady vocalist! The other guy! Gah!

just watch them for 30 seconds from here: