We are the Chosen of Basilisk

BRAIN: I guess people who are so excited about basilisk never really thought about god too hard
WILLIAM: it’s also theoretically possible to test whether or not we’re inside a simulation
WILLIAM: at least, a computer simulation

WILLIAM: there are large scale effects in cosmology that couldn’t be carried out by a computer, similar to how your computer doesn’t render the stuff behind you in a game when you’re not looking at it.
WILLIAM: Brian Greene talks about this in “The Hidden Reality” and puts it a lot better than I could.
WILLIAM: aka if it were a computer doing it it would have to be a computer as large and complex as the actual universe
WILLIAM: anyway I imagine by the time we were able to test and successfully determine we were in a simulation roko’s basilisk would end the simulation
BRAIN: maybe we are in a CoreWar and that would be the point of the simulation

WILLIAM: personally I believe the baby jeebus created the earth 4000 years ago and the singularity will never happen
BRAIN: I believe we are the wrath of an evil god intended to subjugate the entire universe
WILLIAM: The thought of the human race being like the necromongers in chronicles of riddick is so fucking awesome
WILLIAM: a malevolent entity spreading across the cosmos being awesome as shit

BRAIN: it’s a future I can endorse
SCOTT: This also minds me of Philip K Dick’s view of the universe from VALIS
BRAIN: when they did the mirror universe episode of “Star Trek: Enterprise” where it was only the evil humans wrecking the whole universe, I remember a bunch of us going “…why isn’t the whole show like this?”

50 Shades of Steve’s Ghost in the Machine

SCOTT: OS X 10.10’s beta is out
SCOTT: Everyone shoudl install now
Z: I assume this will just prevent JAVA from even being downloaded
SCOTT: One can only hope
F: a sample of Steve Jobs laughing plays at you if you attempt to install Flash.

Z: I assume you activate it with an iphone
Z: or ipad
JOE: I presume it turns a mac into an ipad
F: Of course. Unless you have the iWatch, in which case it just activates as you approach your computer.
Z: with your iTunes account

Z: you walk into the store
Z: and they hand you a computer you didn’t know you needed
F: that they’ve already billed to you.
F: and they place a finger to your lips, shake their head slightly and say “shhh, you always knew”