May 21, 2011

SHAC: sigh
SHAC: i think we were planning to take one of the kids to see winnie the pooh that day
BRAIN: I think I’m working on the product release
SHAC: its christians vs. mayans
SHAC: who can get their product to market first
BRAIN: it’s a tough product
BRAIN: many have tried to deliver
BRAIN: no one has yet succeeded

I think we all learned something that day… about Nazi plumbers

XUXE: wow, leader of the largest neo-Nazi organization in the U.S. was just killed by his 10 year old son…
BRAIN: does that make him leader now?
XUXE: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! dude when i saw this headline a script started unfolding in my head. that would be such a great twist! despite his upbringing, the kid is born good and is compelled to patricide – but then people turn to him to fill the leadership vacuum and his evil DNA comes out from the power trip… internal struggle ensues! which way will you go, young neo nazi prince?
BRAIN: “a children’s movie by xuxE”

California boy charged with murdering neo-Nazi dad

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – A 10-year-old boy was charged Wednesday with murdering his neo-Nazi father in the family’s Southern California home in what prosecutors say is an extremely unusual case because of the child’s age.
Riverside County prosecutors decided to charge the boy with murder involving the use of a gun after reviewing the facts surrounding the early Sunday morning shooting of Jeff Hall, a 32-year-old plumber who had carried a swastika flag and led rallies outside a local synagogue and day labor site.

Osama bin Laden died

It’s a good season for it apparently.

I know some people are feeling conflicted about killing bin Laden. We are a culture of peace, etc etc.

But the reality is: we live in an empire. Our entire way of life is predicated on this. Some people don’t like it and decide to kill us for it. They know we will fight back, they accept it. If bin Laden thought he would get away forever, he was just stupid or crazy, and he was not a stupid guy. Crazy, maybe.

If we as citizens are so upset that we ordered someone killed, why aren’t we upset BEFORE we devoted billions and billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives to execute? Or for that matter, why aren’t we mindful of the exploitation necessary to run our air conditioning on a hot day, or the air conditioning in the server rooms required to run the internet? That’s a lot of under-market oil right there.

I find you can avoid a lot of angst if you just tell the truth to yourself. Just feeling guilty about it doesn’t help anyone.

I suppose this might wake some consumers up and they’ll come around to being more mindful of the sacrifices of others required to maintain their lifestyle.

But I doubt it.

ikiru died

Looks like a college classmate of mine, “ikiru,” died recently. I didn’t know her real well, but she was an interesting lady.

Ikiru had a lot of zany projects going; I remember at one point she had a “plantation” in Hawaii.

Born Deborah Anne Ziegler, she became Euphrasia Lavette Alzena Guri Scientia Ventura Ikiru Alvera Ganbatte Gelasia Curvilinearjky van Bezooijen.

The last part was the last name of her husband, who I think was at this point an ex-husband. He was interesting too, but I haven’t talked to him in years (even online), so to respect his privacy I won’t mention anything else about him.