I WORK FOR NEMESIS is by far the most ambitious film I’ve ever produced. Literally my every waking moment is filled with calling people and sending emails… it seems like every five minutes I think of something we haven’t covered yet. I carry a clipboard everywhere covered in categorized notes, even to bed.

All the mayhem is largely because of the script and our schedule – the weekend of the 17th/18th we have to have nearly every featured actor in costume somewhere in the scene for this final mission, OPERATION MAGIC JAR.

But it is ultimately positive. Things are ka-rayzay, but we have an awesome team. Our new Assistant Casting Director is helping us cast extras and one of our featured parts to replace an actress that couldn’t make it on the shoot day at the last minute. And the madness of OPERATION MAGIC JAR means that everyone will already be cast, costumed etc for future shoots.