Kitsune in the Diet

MARIE: That bunny island link was very cute
MARIE: does Japan have an island per animal?
MARIE: there is the cat island also
BRAIN: I think it’s where they exile all the shapeshifters
BRAIN: for reasons of national security

MARIE: hah
MARIE: Is there a fox island?
BRAIN: no way
BRAIN: those guys you gotta kill on sight
BRAIN: before they get elected to the Diet

The Miyazaki movie Pom Poko is about shapeshifting tanuki and the plight of wildlife in Japan (all the forests are being cut down due to urbanization).

In one short segment the foxes show up, and apparently they have totally integrated into the Japanese economy, to the extent they own hostess bars (implying they have a Yakuza presence).

BRAIN: So I’ve dreamt of making a sequel
BRAIN: where we get a glimpse of the insanity of the Fox society…
MARIE: nice
BRAIN: I’m thinking it would be like “Wolf of Wall Street meets Takeshi Miike”… with furries basically
MARIE: yikes

MacArthur’s Park

I keep listening to Richard Harris version (the original) of MacArthur’s [sic] Park (off his album “A Tramp Shining“).

This song is so ridiculous it makes me giggle every time I hear it.

I remember hearing this song on AM radio in the late 1970s. It boggled me even then – what the hell is he talking about?

Highlights (according to me):

  • he uses the word “stri – ped” which cracks me up
  • the proto-disco interlude at around 5 min
  • the fact he keeps calling it “MacArthur’s Park”
  • read the lyrics!
  • It’s Richard Harris! of the very serious and intense King Arthur depiction.

If you can survive that… the rest of Dave Barry’s list of worst songs is “cake” (ho ho ho)

This Party Needs More Jews

BRAIN: Meggie can’t find authentic jews for her seder party
BRAIN: it’s like the plot of a sitcom
MARIE: Meggie’s life is pretty sitcommy
BRAIN: it’s a good quality

BRAIN: I think that was true of my life for quite a while…
MARIE: hmm

BRAIN: actually this morning I bought a iPod shuffle
BRAIN: from a Little Person who used to be a jockey
BRAIN: (who was awesome by the way)
BRAIN: so never mind
MARIE: hahaha
BRAIN: more of a cartoon than a sitcom maybe