I’m a polite guy (SluÅ¡ný človÄ›k)

Here’s a song by OndÅ™ej Soukup, a Czech pop star famous in the 1980s, called “SluÅ¡ný človÄ›k,” which I think means something like “decent guy.” This song came out in 1987.

At the time we translated the lyrics as “I’m a polite guy.” Hey, close enough!

I believe it’s meant to be a commentary about hypocritical “decent” public figures — you can see him taking bribes in the middle of the song.

This song came out right around the time of the split of Czechoslovakia, and I originally saw it on the local version of MTV in Prague in I think the summer of 1991. 1990? I don’t know exactly.

For the last decade or so I tried to figure out what the heck it was or where I could see it again… thank you, Gods of the Internet!!

Jáá,já jsem slušný člověk, člověk slušný jsem já, jááá,já jsem člověk velmi šlušný, takový jsem já. Ref: Je to slušný člověk, ten člověk je slušný. áááá, velmi slušný člověk, ten člověk je slušný, áááá. Přiští kus napíšu příště