The Time Machine (1960)

The coolest part of The Time Machine (1960) – the “Talking Rings.”
Each is an audio record… each is a metal ring, about 3 inches across, spun like a coin on a smooth glassy surface. The spinning ring “talks” – it makes noise, recorded somehow in the ring. It talks for less than 20 seconds. I think we need to figure out how to make this!

Poor poor Taylor Swift

BRAIN: did you follow the new thing, the “kanye is mean to taylor swift” story
SAMIR: yeah, dear god. you’d think he raped her and ate her on stage
SAMIR: now that would have been tv!
BRAIN: like hello, they are celebrities
BRAIN: their lives and feelings are completely worthless
BRAIN: taylor did look real sad
BRAIN: which probably was pretty good for her image
BRAIN: also beyonce invited her on stage when she accepted her award
BRAIN: which was good for both of them
BRAIN: the whole thing was pure theater
SAMIR: think it was artificial?
BRAIN: no way
BRAIN: that would be pure genius though


BRAIN: what do you suppose hugs-not-fixed means
BC: probably a typo for hug-snot-fixed
BRAIN: that makes much more sense
BC: 🙂
BC: why do you ask?
BRAIN: it’s written on the board here
BRAIN: next to fixed-not-verified = fixed
BRAIN: and purrproject
BRAIN: on the other board is the word “CUSTARD” is written over and over
BRAIN: it’s like having a meeting on the set of The Shining
BC: it was even more impressive before the right half of the whiteboard got erased!

Goth winnowing

BRAIN: Chuck and Buck
SAMIR: saw it
SAMIR: Mike White said it was all based on him thinking about what would happen if one friend grabbed another’s dick while they were in the bathroom
SAMIR: thoughts?
BRAIN: I liked it
BRAIN: creepy yet sweet
BRAIN: I’m finding that is a genre I like
BRAIN: like May or Kissed
SAMIR: I loved that
SAMIR: I liked Kissed a lot too

BRAIN: Victoria Victrola and the Vaudevillians have a song called Zombie
BRAIN: which has a million verses
BRAIN: it’s about a zombie outbreak and the narrator falls to a zombie, her bf leaving her behind
BRAIN: then as a zombie she finds him and bites him in revenge
BRAIN: what do you think of that story idea
SAMIR: interesting… is there an ending though?
BRAIN: presumably they wander around together in undead bliss
SAMIR: that’s not revenge then
BRAIN: no, it’s the genre we were talking about earlier
SAMIR: sweet/creepy
BRAIN: yes
SAMIR: reminds me of the New Year’s Day episode of Fear Itself

SAMIR: the scripts weren’t well done
SAMIR: and it got a low audience
SAMIR: so [I consider] this idea still available

BRAIN: I would love to make a creepy sweet movie
BRAIN: like something that will winnow the true goths
BRAIN: like “in my day the real goths had dead animals around their rooms!”
BRAIN: none of this perky emo bullshit
BRAIN: my friend Danielle, who I met at a film festival when she was working in PR for a startup, is a total Grown Up Goth
BRAIN: and sure enough when I visited her house she had all this dead shit on the walls
BRAIN: she sort of sheepishly admitted she’s always had a thing for taxidermy
BRAIN: I was in awe

Velcro Ninja

The fastening is made from perforated steel strips 0.2 millimetres thick, one kind bristling with springy steel brushes and the other sporting jagged spikes.

Metaklett can support maximum weight when pulled on in the plane of the strips, and a square metre can hold a perpendicular load of 7 tonnes, says [Josef] Mair.

OJ: steel velcro!
BRAIN: I bet if you wrapped it around a stick and hit someone with it their skin would rip right off
OJ: i’m sure it will be in some japanese gore movie with that use soon

Notes on Pikmin 2 tuning

Trying to get Pikmin 2 solved in the smallest number of days

  • Day 1 – you have no choice. You collect the 5 pikmin, then the battery, kill all the enemies and collect the other parts. Now you are blocked by water.
  • Day 2 – you also have no choice. You need to get the globe to get to the next area (purple pikmin)
  • Day 3 – your first free day in Awakening Wood. It’s possible to clear the two dungeons available. The race is to collect white pikmin (15 if you haven’t lost any from the cave you found them in) and get them to break down the poison wall that leads to the area with the broken bridge that leads to the main area. They cannot do this on the same day you get them unless you use red sprays. The blue pikmin here are behind an electric gate that you need yellow pikmin for, but they are not here. Get the other globe half behind this wall to open the third area, Perplexing Pool.
  • Third area: Perplexing Pool. Get the yellow pikmin the first day, you can clear the only accessible dungeon the same day (bring white pikmin!). If you collect the dead things near the yellow onion and then go to the dungeon, when you leave the dungeon the yellow onion will magically be near the rocket when you return.
  • Now return to Awakening Wood to retrieve the Blue Pikmin

Voyeurism koan

SARASOTA, FL. – A man accused of taking photos of a sleeping woman after he undressed her has been charged with Video Voyeurism.

The evidence was found in a camera that the man left behind at her residence.

OJ: voyeurism: FAIL
BRAIN: I know, how do you expect to beat off to photos you don’t have with you?

You know what is funny about voyeurism? It’s not so much the act as the getting caught that is the crime.

Like if no one EVER knew that you did it… the victim would not be harmed… since it’s their impression that causes the actual harm. The creepy feeling only happens after you discover someone has been watching you naked.

If a dude beats off to your naked body in the forest and no one finds out, does it make a sound?