the new SFPD shooting

DANH: did you read about SFPD shooting
BRAIN: this thing?
DANH: yeah
DANH: new development!
BRAIN: jeez
BRAIN: SF citizens suck
DANH: that guy wasnt from SF
DANH: also
DANH: did he shoot himself
DANH: then run
BRAIN: the cops shot a guy while searching him for weapons, they found a weapon on him when they stopped him for not having a ticket
BRAIN: so the protesters want no police on the trains
BRAIN: which seems like the opposite thing that should happen
BRAIN: like, there are dudes on the trains with guns
BRAIN: “quick get rid of the police!”
DANH: oh i agree with all that
DANH: the story is very strange now though!
DANH: when was he supposed to have shot himself?
DANH: totally bizarre
DANH: if you’re a fugitive felon on parole from another state
DANH: carrying a concealed weapon that you’re not even old enough to have
DANH: you should pay your fare
BRAIN: I agree
BRAIN: it’s just common sense
DANH: ‘he shot himself’ is totally weird though
BRAIN: yes
BRAIN: also there’s this person who lifted the gun from the crime scene