Icelandic is insane

Was there ever a different Stephanie in LazyTown? (The current actress being Julianna Rose Mauriello.)

Since it was shot in Icelandic, and the other humans are Icelandic actors, so maybe there was a different girl. Find the girl… find the clips online.

Surfing for something in Icelandic is a definite challenge. There is a large body of material, butno translators online. I’m having to cram bits of Icelandic grammar just to formulate search terms.

  • IMDB entry for the English version
  • Lazy Town is called Latibær in Icelandic, Sportacus is called “rttalfurinn” (loosely translates as “the sport elf”) and Robbie Rotten is “Glanni Glpur”.
  • Since the name of the show is “Latibær” I’m also using the search term “Latabæjar” which apparently is the first word conjugated in some way (Icelandic nouns have cases!).
  • Creator Magnús Scheving‘s IMDB entry
  • the Icelandic show was not a full “Show”- it was a 10 to 15 minute episode, or a series of them, aired within another show
  • Wikipedia entry on LazyTown

Things We Learn From B&H

  1. Sennheiser-25SP headphones are still overpriced at $79 for a floor model. I could have gotten a much nicer set of headphones from Sony for the same price… or a much much nicer set for $20 more. I hope I can return these…
  2. if you’re going to buy a hard case for your cabled boom pole, make sure you accounted for the length of the cable in addition to the pole (I have to kind of cram it in there)
  3. Some elementary school kids in Cincinatti, OH, are missing their 6 Mavica cameras right now because B&H sent them to me instead. I wonder how they are getting these back?