Poor Boo Boo

DAVID: another example of poor judgment by gw bush:
when he owned the texas rangers, he traded sammy sosa

SHAC: he also was the only owner to vote against the wild-card playoff system

ERIC: The sad news is, that if Kerry used this in the debates, it would probably be effective.

BRAIN: so the question is: why doesn’t he?


Kerry: Bush illegally invaded Iraq, is bankrupting the country, making the USA
the most hated country in the world, dismantling social security, subsidizing
big business, exporting jobs, exposing CIA operatives, etc.

Electorate: Zzzzzzzzzz

Kerry: He traded Sammy Sosa away!

Electorate: OH MY GOD!

AARON: omg harvey birdman just had a night of gay lovin with boo boo bear

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