Using UStream to broadcast videos on OS X

UStream is pretty awesome, the “youtube of streaming video.”

Most of the streams are just cute girls sitting in front of their computers chatting with their viewers. This doesn’t help me so much. I want to broadcast my movies and concerts I’ve recorded!

So, I pieced together what one needs to do, to broadcast pre-recorded video on the Mac (I’m on OS X, “Leopard”).

  • start Quicktime and load up your video
  • move the your video to a corner of your desktop, preferably not near your dock nor the menu bar
    • install and use CamTwist to capture a part of your desktop

    • some people use CamTwist to put effects into their webcam signal
    • use the “desktop” selector and make a box around your Quicktime movie
    • use the Preview function to line it up correctly
  • install SoundFlower
    • open your System Preferences and select the Sound panel
    • you should see SoundFlower there listed as a speaker selection. Pick that!
  • NOW start ustream and start a broadcast
    • select CamTwist as your video source
    • select SoundFlower as your audio source

Now be careful, because all sound generated by your computer (for example the “you’ve got mail!” sound) will be in the stream! I shut down all my applications that make noise while I’m broadcasting.

When I’m broadcasting, I am at