Introduction to the JTB

There is this thing in Japan called the JTB: The Japan Tourism Board. If you see a busload of Japanese tourists, look for someone (usually a woman) with a badge leading them saying in a really high-pitched voice “minna-san, minna-san!” (“Everybody everybody!”). She will probably have “JTB” on a patch somewhere on her body.

The JTB is like a travel agency on steroids. You can go in totally clueless with a free week and a check and walk out with an elaborate vacation. When I went, I had the vague notion “I want to see castles.” My consultant scheduled me a 3 day trip to a castle, and on the way a museum dedicated to a famous Japanese doctor, a walk through a scenic forest, and of course lots of onsen.

Onsen. Hot baths. The main things Japanese tourists do are go visit temples and onsen.

The JTB has serious onsen issues. If you go in with your wad of cash and ask for a vacation without onsen your representative will probably have an aneurism. Like, “WHAT. Oooh, I understand. You must be confused! You meant ‘I want to only go to one or two onsen.’ ” etc.

Day In The Life

JEFF: Brian, this one line needs to be different. And I don’t know how.
BRIAN: Karl, Jeff says this needs to be different.
KARL: No it doesn’t! Why are you picking on me! You are stupid!
BRIAN: Karl, please change this now.
KARL: No! It’s Jeff’s fault! Or Yoni! Do it to Yoni!
BRIAN: Jeff, Karl says this is your deal. What is he talking about.
JEFF: I dunno. Make it go. Make it go fast.
BRIAN: Yoni. Please for the love of all things holy make this go away.
Yoni: This is so easy. Why are you asking me to fix this?
BRIAN: Just do it please.
YONI: But why? It is so simple.
BRIAN: Because it is your job to fix it?
YONI: Ok. I will fix it.
BRIAN: I need to lie down now.


Boredcast Message from ‘danh’: Fri Aug 8 12:52:51 2003

i had tickets to see “THAT ONE GUY” at cafe du nord last night
since i am currently attempting to see how long i can not
leave my house and get fired, i missed the show

Return of Anna

You know what’s really weird? A couple of years ago I saw an MTV promo of this asian girl dancing in a NY subway and I thought “that girl looks like my friend Anna.” And guess what? It WAS. The pouty girl in the Savage Garden video? That was her too. I just found this out recently. Crazy man. She sure has a slick site!

Probably not as weird as Terrence being the villain in Tomb Raider 2 though. Yikes.

I guess I need to get better at self-promotion.