New “full article” RSS edition

You know, RSS is kind of cool. But it is by nature a “reference-only” data structure. That is, the full articles posted are NOT in the RSS feed- only their URLs. In theory, this is to have a lightweight XML data structure go out to the client, with only articles that catch the user’s interest being downloaded in full.

In practice, this means that certain readers (like OS X NetNewsWire) only see the little excerpt part of the article. I honestly hadn’t noticed this, because I’ve been using FeedReader, which lets you load up the RSS URL in the content pane instead of the excerpt.

So, in the interest of accomodating the NNW folks, I have provided a “full article” feed below.

Sucks to be You #2

MOTORCYCLE APE: jesus fucking christ
MOTORCYCLE APE: they just told us we need to come in 7 days a week now
AUBIE: isn’t that illegal?
AUBIE: are they paying you to keep your mouth shut?
AUBIE: and you haven’t quit yet because…?
SHAC: oooh ooh i know the answer to that one
MOTORCYCLE APE: I’m a fucking moron?
BRIAN: At least you have a cool bag

Nasty Woman Fetish

AARON: man if that guy is paraplegic and gets 3 naked women to sit on
his lap
AARON: more power to him
AARON: oh wait
AARON: they are all nasty
AARON: i forgot that “naked women” does not map directly to “attractive”
ASPOLITO: oh come on, like you’ve had 3 nasty women in your lap ata time
AARON: why would i want that
ASPOLITO: nasty woman fetish?