Amazon in blog

Amazon web services:

  • There are 2 options, one where you just host images yourself, and the webservices version,
    where the entire content comes from
  • Problem: the iframe served is BIG and the URL is thus far difficult to parse

Give it up, you know you just want it in Blog: What I want is a special category “Amazon” for postings, with the “Excerpt” field containing an ASIN and the main body / maybe the extended body containing a review article.

Those fucking bitches. Turns out this functionality was in here the entire time… it’s just wholly undocumented! The only way I found out about it was by looking through the perl code when I was planning on writing the new functionality myself!!! Okay here’s the deal:

  1. Suppose your search string (e.g. your Asin string for a particular book) will always be in one field in your MTEntry
  2. Make a listing of your entries using MTEntries, just like normal
  3. Now use MTAmazon within the entry. Except instead of filling out something in the “search” field,
    use the attribute “related” instead
  4. “related” can be:
    • category
    • title
    • extended
    • excerpt
  5. The MTAmazon tag will use that field in the list of entries for the search string, one per Amazon invocation
  6. So, in the case of a simple listing which only uses a search string from the blog entry,
    with everything else being generated by MTAmazon, there will be NO MTEntry tags in your template code for this list!

I Think I Have PMS

BRIAN: I’m sore all over and really fuckin tired
BRIAN: I want to go back to bed
SHAC: bah thats me every morning
BRIAN: you have the flu every morning?
SHAC: i guess
SHAC: im sore all over and tired
BRIAN: do you feel like peeing out of your ass?
SHAC: have you been taking estrogen?
BRIAN: you think it’s PMS?
SHAC: yeh
BRIAN: you may have something there
SHAC: if you start yelling at me for no reason… definitely pms
SHAC: let me know when everything is my fault
LIL DY: that aint right
LIL DY: tell him it is always his fault just cause
LIL DY: and he has now made you cry cause he is so insentive
LIL DY: then it will be PMS