It Hops, Man!

Over the weekend Diane and I were driving on the freeway, and we saw a car with some serious hydraulics.

This guy was bouncing his car like four feet in the air, while driving at 70 mph. Sparks were flying off the tip of his muffler as he and his passenger bounced along, in the left lane. It was pretty entertaining.

Then the real show began- on one of his hops, there was this loud POP noise, and his whole car tilted forward and to the right. The car swerved out of control, first towards the median, then across every lane as the car slid to the side of the road. Sparks flew from the whole right side of the car as the front wheel seemed to disappear. Did it come off completely? I couldn’t see.

No one collided with him. As the rest of us sped past him I could see every driver relieved and laughing at this guy.


The Bush Record on the Environment

If you can’t afford to send your kids to a private school, I hope you enjoy cancer, because with environmental policies like these, that’s what you’re getting!

Environmentalism is not just about hugging trees and swimming with whales. That is a bunch of hippy bullshit.

Neither is it about taking away jobs. Every industry can be made environmentally safe.

Environmentalism is about

  • being able to breathe outside without a gas mask
  • being able to raise your children to adulthood without them being poisoned from their water
  • living past the age of 30 without getting six kinds of cancer

This is not an exaggeration, unfortunately!
Web link of note: The Bush Record on the Environment