Concept Cars

Every year, nearly all the major car companies issue “concept cars” – Basically the company takes a bunch of their designers and has them go buck-wild. These cars tour various car shows for the rest of the year.

The concept car is a model- it is one of a kind and is not supported by mass manufacturing resources of the producing company. Sometimes the concept car isn’t even drivable, but rather a big mockup made from plastic or wax.

Very few concept cars make it to market; generally they are just a showcase of innovative design from the company. However, some of the features from the concept cars make it into general production. The Prowler closely followed the design of a concept car.

So… what happens to the concept cars after the season is over? Do they get sold to collectors? Or is there a crazy warehouse owned by each company, housing fifty crazy science fiction cars?

Rather Good

The source of the Quizno’s “We like our subs!” commercials with the mutant monkeys (sometimes seen as rats).

That commercial is amazingly annoying, but really entertaining in its ghetto animation style.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy; since the characters are identical to the ones in his clip “The Moon Song” aka “We Like The Moon”.
Web link of note: Rather Good