Banana Racket Productions

Random San Rafael amateur production company- starting in February, they aim to have a completed feature by May 1st. Ambitious isn’t it?

Their title: Sixteen Pound Sledge vs The Vegas Vampire.

I think it’s a just-for-fun thing- they didn’t even have a script in February. I personally can’t see putting so much effort into a random design-by-comittee venture, but that’s just my personal preference. Good luck guys!
Web link of note: Banana Racket Productions


CUBIS, like wigu, is a sort of surreal story web comic that has a name derived from an acronym.

Actually that’s about the only thing they have in common.

Anyway, Can U Believe I’m Single? is not really as common or succinct a phrase as When I Grow Up (the name of wigu‘s predecessor).
Web link of note: CUBIS