Whiteheads and Wolves

I have a brilliant new idea for a reality game show: it came to me while Dy’s mom was telling us about a visit she made to San Francisco with her seniors group.

Picturing all these old people wandering around the tourist traps of the city made me think of what a nightmare it would be collecting all of them after their alloted meandering time was up.

So I was thinking, what if you had college students with radios hunting for them all in squads? What if they were all cranked into a panic and given instructions to not lose a single member of a giant group of potential Alzheimer’s patients? Some of them would be driving the collection vans, some would be on more maneuverable “spotter” vehicles like scooters or motorcycles, maybe in teams, “wolf packs,” which could deploy a whole squad of herdsmen at one end of a mall and pick them up on the other end after their jogging sweep of the area.

Sounds like a show doesn’t it? To make it extra dangerous, I mean interesting as a game show, you would give the seniors an incentive to run- they are all released from a central location and given a head start; if they are still free after two hours then they get prize money.

The name of the show: “Whiteheads and Wolves


Very nutty puzzle game- the object seems to be to develop this minature red planet/satellite.

You add all these elements to the red sphere, and the order that you add them changes the degree of their development.

The objects, NOT in order of the solution:

  • PIPE
  • GEAR
  • PROP
  • DISH
  • EGG
  • TV
  • HILL

Web link of note: GROW
(At http://yellow.ribbon.to/~grow/)