Operation Hidden Agenda

Collect them all! The back of each card features a picture of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam in the 1980s.

Other decks:

  • The Deck of War Profiteers is almost like Pokemon, in that is organizes the people making money of of the Endless War into suits:
    • Oil, gas, and energy companies
    • US government officials
    • Military and defense contractors
    • Heads of industry, finance, media, policy, and hype
  • Deck of Republican Chickenhawks is 52 prominent Republicans who are still banging the drums of war, even though they themselves ducked military service. They never had to risk their lives, and yet send the sons and daughters of Americans to their death with nary a thought.

Web link of note: Operation Hidden Agenda
(At http://www.operationhiddenagenda.com/)