okay, it’s not exactly what I wanted- but it’s still pretty cool.

The primary objective of the BLEEX project at U.C. Berkeley is to create a self-powered exoskeleton for strength and endurance enhancement of humans that is ergonomic, highly maneuverable, mechanically robust, lightweight and durable.

The Berkeley exoskeleton system provides soldiers, disaster relief workers, wildfire fighters, and other emergency personnel the ability to carry major loads such as food, rescue equipment, first-aid supplies, communications gear and weaponry with minimal effort over any type of terrain for extended periods of time. The vision for the device is that it will provide a versatile transport platform for mission-critical equipment.

Web link of note: BLEEX

I Want Stuntmen!

From hearing stuntman Corey Eubanks on the radio, I learned a few things:

  1. Tom Cruise does not “do all his own stunts”
  2. Stuntmen do not earn that much- there is a “scale” just like other actors
  3. Therefore, stuntmen are afffordable for independent film

I want car stunts in my movies! Guns! Maaaybe explosions; I know they are pretty but don’t really motivate plot.

They might cost more than getting street racers / sideshow guys to do car stunts for free, but a lot less sketchy. Although maybe we could recruit those guys and make them more legit by making our own stunt company up here in the SF Bay Area.