Battlestar Galactica Coffee

Well, now I’m screwed… Because of Diane I have now watched so much Battlestar Galactica, a show that I cannot stand, and hated when I was 5 years old, that I am now correcting people on the character details. Gaah.

BRIAN: my AIM just went down
BRIAN: and it’s not coming back
SHAC: im fine
BRIAN: figures
BRIAN: it’s back
SHAC: then that would be a AOL problem
SHAC: not trillian
BRIAN: apologist!
SHAC: apollo
SHAC: no wait.. i get to be apollo.. you are starbuck
BRIAN: suits me
BRIAN: apollo was the hardass who worked with his dad
BRIAN: starbuck was the blonde womanizer
BRIAN: suckah!
DIANE: but starbuck got the babes
DIANE: I will be your Athena baby!
BRIAN: mmmm
SHAC: not anymore
DIANE: and Starbuck had more balls
DIANE: not to mention he makes decent coffee
BRIAN: mmm coffeee
SHAC: starbuck is a BITCH now
BRIAN: that’s not real
SHAC: welcome to hell
SHAC: its a place where old shows are remade
SHAC: w/ more T & A

The new Battlestar Galactica is coming out… the old-school fans are angry at its lack of fidelity (infidelity?) to the original…

also they are mad because Richard Hatch, the actor who played the original Apollo, has written an entire series of novels which are faithful to the original setting, and the new series took some elements from it while still not including Mr Hatch in the new production in any capacity. For example, the villain Baltar being controlled by Cylon mind control devices also appear in Hatch’s novels, and so does a factional Cold War within the Cylons. Why do I know this.

And for the record, the Starbuck character really needs to still be a womanizer, even if she is female, to preserve character balance. They could easily have made her a lesbian, even with the same actress, since she has that sort of baby-dyke tomboy look that Pink recently repopularized. Hey at least she’s still blonde!