King Khan and Victoria Victrola

Very arty day today. I went out to do some shopping, and saw Victoria Victrola “performing” on Telegraph. She’s a living statue, so her performance consists of standing very very still… If you see her, tip her for photos please; this is how she makes a living! She tends to be in the Berkeley BART station, or in front of it, or occaisionally on Telegraph, as I saw her today.

Later ShaC and I went to see King Khan & BBQ, who were pretty great. They were playing at the Ghost Town Gallery Warehouse, which is such a craphole it is awesome; it’s this cement shell filled with random debris. But the funniest thing was the crowd, who were all terrible hipsters. Example: one girl was wearing a qipao and a beret. Some of these dudes insisted on smoking during the show, which always makes me psychotic.

While everyone around us wore trendy crap and tattoos, we showed up drinking Starbucks, wearing $300 acoustically-neutral earplugs, and texting our friends on our phones. See, we were ironically bourgeois. Later we drove home in our SUV with GPS display playing our iPods integrated into the dashboard. Nyeah hah.