Grand Illusions

Their shop is here. Some of their rarer items they will only sell in the UK!

  • The Snail Ball is a ball which very slowly rolls down an incline
  • talking tape- it’s a tape with ridges on it, you hold it in your teeth and pull it out of your mouth, and it “talks”
  • magic mirrors – they will reflect an image (in light) onto a flat surface, but are totally smooth
  • squirting water buffalo – a clay ox which spits water without a motor
  • singing water bowls – rub their handles and the bowl will “sing” and make a fountain
  • gelly (jelly) glasses – edible shot glasses

Web link of note: Grand Illusions

Absolute Ultraman !!

This site is so awesome…

Ultraman is basically where Power Rangers comes from. A Japanese TV show in the 1960’s, it had dozens of spin-offs and hundreds of episodes.

I had always wondered where some of these aliens came from, for example “Baltan-seijin” or “kanegon,” the guy who looks like he has a clam for a head, or “eleking” who looks like a wrestler with a giant slug head. You can buy a lot of these guys as vinyl figures now.
Web link of note: Absolute Ultraman !!