iGo iMac stand

“Meet your iMac’s other half.”

It’s a stand for the “Sunflower” iMac, which matches the look and feel perfectly… very pretty.

If you wanted your house to have that icy all-white Scandanavian feel to it, you pretty much need one of these.

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Web link of note: iGo iMac stand
(At http://www.igo4mac.com)

So Many Faces… All The Same

We mustn't restrain ourselvesNEVERLAND VALLEY: Five peace officers were killed this morning while serving a warrant on Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch. Sources report that the officers stumbled upon Jackson’s secret underground stash of lethal toxins that had been mixed with laughing gas. The officer in charge of the investigation claimed Jackson was storing the gas in childrens’ dolls.

(article courtesy of Kirby Doom)

It’s a joke, you dorks.

You know? The Joker?

The Dark Knight Returns? One of the greatest graphic novels ever written? No? Buncha illiterates.

It’s the near future and Batman is pushing sixty and retired. Without the Batman to fight, the Joker has lapsed into catatonia. And when Batman returns to fight crime, the Joker suddenly becomes aware of his surroundings…

The Joker uses his signature “Smile” gas, which makes the victim die laughing, on the entire audience of the David Letterman show. Using flying cabbage patch kids. Too fricken cool.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns uses all the imagery of the Batman mythology and makes it darker, richer, and more psychological. The theme of the dual personality of Batman/Bruce Wayne… Two-Face as the dark mirror of Batman… the moral ambiguity of Batman’s vigilantism… the inevitable results of Reagan’s nuclear-powered “Morning in America”… it’s all in there. Go buy a copy immediately!