Button Maker

This button maker actually is a web interface for something written by Bill Zeller.

Make sure to SAVE your buttons on your server, instead of copying the image location on his server!

Not only would the latter be rude, but also eventually you will get banned and your button image will no longer work!
Web link of note: Button Maker
(At http://www.kalsey.com/tools/buttonmaker/)


Movable Type
net news wire
Kung Long
Viva Mozilla!!
Creative Commons

These are just so damn cute!

Taylor McKnight‘s Button Page has a whole bunch of 80 pixel by 15 pixel buttons to steal- but also a link to the Button Maker, a script to generate your own buttons. Make sure to save the images on your server! Don’t be irresponsible!

Some of the buttons on McKnight’s button pages are really educational- I had no idea so many blog directories even existed.