Buy My Goth Music! Suckers!!!

RAY: i’m trying to catch up on the gothic music scene
BRIAN: yeah? is it a moving industry?
RAY: well, i’m about 3 years behind
BRIAN: maybe there should be a newsletter for the industry
BRIAN: “state of the art in goth music”
RAY: heehee
RAY: they try doing that
RAY: but nobody buys it
RAY: and it’s hard to make new content
RAY: issue one: “we are spoooky”
RAY: issue two: “drinking blood!”
RAY: issue three: “why we are spoooky”
RAY: then it goes away
BRIAN: ha ha
RAY: it’s true


In 1978 I remember my dad coming back from his morning jog… in the mornings when I was little he would go out for a run, and occaisionally I would go with him. I would take the small loop and he would take the long one, and we would meet towards the end and run the last part together.

We would bring in the paper, which would usually be delivered while we were out. It occurs to me that back then I was getting up two or three hours before I do now. Hooray for progress!

I hadn’t gone with him this time, and he came back to take a shower, like he always did, waiting for my mother to finish with hers… This morning he had the paper with him, and he was talking to my mother while she was in the shower…

Something was very wrong. My dad was crying. He kept saying things like “they killed the kids,” and “all those people.” We sat down and he told me that the people in Jonestown had been forced to drink poison Kool-Aid… even the kids there. I think that’s my first memory of my father crying.

Piles demo

Piles are an interface concept patented in 1994- you make piles of documents, and piles with more content would appear bigger… so now you could have a cluttered Desktop on your computer as well as in real life!

Although, one thing that would be pretty cool- when an items is in “piles”, you can have something in multiple piles at once, unlike on your real-life desk.

Here’s sort of a ranty article from Ask Tog
Web link of note: Piles demo