Bar Monkey

A Bar Monkey is a machine that automatically mixes and dispenses alcoholic drinks. The original Bar Monkey v1.0 was created by Steven Avery, Dustin Cooper, and Brad Greer. The total cost of this Bar Monkey was $235 and took 3 months to complete.

Web link of note: Bar Monkey

Next I’ll start a cafe

I bought Lil Dy’s birthday present on Amazon… I added some of my other stuff too, random stuff that was on my wishlist.

Since apparently the materials were coming from different warehouses all over the country, they split the shipments up.

And split them again.

And again.

Now there are 4 different packages en route. Since they shipped the 2nd through 4th packaages so late (the 4th still hasn’t left, who knows, they may split it again!) they are using progressively more expesnive shipping methods, I’m guessing so they will still make the ETA quoted at the time of the original purchase. So my “Where’s My Stuff?” page on Amazon looks like I’m running a bookstore.