MT Archive overhaul

If you’re sick to death of reading about this stuff, just skip this article. I’m updating the GhostHouse site so it’s based on MT.
I went with the “one individual archive per entry” model and generated the content for every kind of article in every archived article page. Then I split the contents into DIV entities and wrote CSS to only show the appropriate content for that page.

  • First we have to Future-proof MT.
    This also hides the implementation of individual archives from the casual viewer. So far I just changed everything to an “index.html” (one file per directory) and didn’t complete the rest of the conversions.
  • Make a monster template for the “individual archive” pages containing the HTML for an article of every type of category.
  • Specify the CSS for a given page based on the category name, in addition to the “General” CSS file.
  • For the general CSS, strip out all the design-type elements and move them into the individual category CSS
  • In the CSS for each category, make the inappropriate entities (HTML which appears in only articles which are not in this category) invisible
  • for the crew pages, generate (as a template) a .htaccess file which specifies by name every crew article
  • also nazi all the “link only” pages. Thus, we generate them, but no one will ever see them
  • since the “crew hub” really is more like an announcement page, we need an archive of that… but if we use a vanilla monthly archive it will show the things on the main site as well. So, we make a monthly archive template which only shows the “crew-only” content, including the links.
  • We don’t really need monthly main-site pages- since entries are not updated on a timely basis, it would be meaningless. Instead, we make a big archive of all the “In Production” and “Now Showing” movies, as index page templates.
  • We need two calendar pages- the main site’s “Screening Calendar” and the crew-only “Production Calendar”

Star Blazers

When I was shopping for Halloween stuff I was at Goodwill, and saw a DVD of the first 6 episodes of
Star Blazers.” Star Blazers! Of course I had to buy it.

I was watching it this morning… there is some seriously nationalistic imagery in this cartoon. In Star Blazers, Earth has been under constant assault from another world, Gamilon, which is full of violent barbarians. The Gamilon have used atomic weapons on Earth… they have demanded the unconditional surrender of Earth. Earth has sworn to fight to the last man. Just as humanity is about to lose, they decide to resurrect an old battleship- significantly, the Battleship Yamato, which I believe was the largest in the Japanese Imperial Fleet in WWII, and named after a famous general. “Star Blazers” was originally called “Space Battleship Yamato” in Japan…

So, like, damn. The future is basically “what would have happened to Japan if they (we) never surrendered.” Apparently Japan would have been reduced to rubble, and then aliens would have given the Imperial Army a secret weapon which would have taken a year to work. Yeah.

Not quite as scary as Godzilla vs King Ghidora, where the people from the future are from a earth that is an utopia because Japan has bought the world.

Now all I need is Captain Harlock. I love that guy.

For more info check out
All Things Yamato.

  • Voyage to Iscandar (series, aka “Star Blazers”)
  • Saraba Yamato (movie)
  • Yamato II (white comet) (series)
  • Yamato: New Journey/Voyage (movie?)
  • Be Forever Yamato (movie?)

  • Yamato III (series)
  • Final Yamato (series?)
  • Yamato 2520