Think I Have A Problem

Went to Fantasia today with Shac and OJ to get my boba fix… I like Fantasia because they have the best pearls, with Tea Era running a close second. I get to the counter, and I whip out my “frequent boba” card- oh wait, that’s not it, it’s this one… no wrong again, it’s this one… I realise I have 5 different pearl tea cards, each for a different place.

Shut up! YOU have the problem!

There was an asian girl there with her dad, and she had a cool rave shirt on- I asked her where she got it and she looked at me blankly. Like totally blankly; looking into her eyes there were no lights on at all. Totally dull. Her father says in broken english, she doesn’t speak english. So I ask HIM where her shirt came from. No, he says, he doesn’t speak english either. So I ask, what language does he speak? Japanese? Yes, he says, Japanese. Okay, I say, in Japanese, her shirt where from bought was? He looks kind of goggle-eyed. Uh? Her shirt, I say. Where her shirt? he says. Yes…? Oh, uh… Japan he says. Then they both run away. Help! This guy cracked the code and was trying to force us to be social!!!