Grassy Knoll

9-11 is quickly becoming the JFK assassination of our time. What really happened? Who was responsible? How much of what we “know” is wrong? However, unlike the JFK assassination, the trail has not yet run cold.

The official
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States is the one put together by Congress despite protest from the White House (although later Bush tried to take it over). But is that really enough? If there were even more embarrassing facts that turned up about the intelligence community, would we really find out? After two years of the subject being taboo, mainstream news may be starting to come back to life on this issue, although don’t hold your breath: in June, Salon published a fluffy article wondering why the current administration is trying to block ongoing investigations.

You have to ask yourself why we don’t hear about these stories on any of the national networks, because the stories are out there. Political commentator Mike Hersh writes an article which is a little more substantial, complete with links to mainstream news stories, and radio host Doug Basham maintains a page with more links.

This topic has given rise to entire on-line societies- 9-11 Citizens Watch is sort of a portal tracking this ongoing effort, alongside the interestingly-named The People’s Investigation of 9-11. Also interesting is the writers at
Unanswered Questions who have produced
this provocative Question chart to put on web pages, and my favorite, a detailed timeline of the events of 9-11.

A little more aggressively political is the Citizens for Legitimate Government and their List of 9-11 “Oddities”. And while we’re venturing into the specifically anti-Bush category, there is Resist the Bush Occupation who are “Proud Americans Resisting the Neocon Right.” These guys are intense! And they have T-Shirts!

It’s all about the cool paraphenalia you can generate to support your cause. Not as cool as the Georgy For Governor thong though.